Escarpment Estate

    Property Details

  • Property Type Land Estate Development
  • Property Configuration: Individual homes
  • Architecture: Masterplanning - Hokkaido Tracks and Riccardo Tossani.
    Homes - Selected with client Konishi Hikohito.
  • Builder: Masterplan (Estate, road and infrastructure) – Toda Kensetsu.
    Homes – Selected with architect.
  • Year Built: Estate and infrastructure 2007 onwards Homes - At site owner request ( 2009 onwards )
  • Address: Aza Yamada, Kutchan-Cho, Hokkaido, 044-0081, Japan.

Masterplan for 15 Privately owned sites and individually designed Homes

Escarpment refers back to geological origins which now provide a handful of properties with a spectacular stage to view Hokkaido’s dramatic Seasons.

Escarpment Estate - Summer

Escarpment Estate, Entry Bridge & Heated Roadway.


The Estate boundaries are natural, native Woodland which protect and enhance views homes set ‘into nature’. Our vision is to create a special collection of homes that complement this unique and beautiful setting and to that end covenants have been drawn up to ensure that both the properties and native woodland are treated with the respect they deserve.

Escarpment is a tranquil, peaceful site for a four Season home set discreetly on the physical boundary of busy Hirafu village, the heart and soul of the Niseko resort.

Escarpment Estate - Stunning views from the air

Escarpment Estate - Misosazai, Balcony view, Stunning winter Mt. Youtei.

Escarpment Estate - Misosazai, Balcony view, Stunning winter Mt. Youtei.