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Asset Management

Experience Hokkaido Tracks' Asset Management team meticulously managing your home and ensuring continued asset value protection.


Benefit from 18 years of resort property management. Hokkaido Tracks Asset management provides a range of services that ensure your asset benefits from a trusted provider. Owner expectations are met and more often exceeded to give peace of mind and continued asset growth. At the heart of what we do is exceeding owner expectations to provide peace of mind and continued asset growth.


At the heart of what we do is treating your asset much like you should be treated...individually. A truly personalised service that is highly accountable and transparent and delivered through a fully customisable experience, tailored to your needs. Simply instruct our team to remove any concerns from the management of your asset through our all encompassing worry free service or take a more active investor role by guiding the services you require.


Discover how returns on your investment can be hassle-free as we take care of the legwork surrounding luxury rentals. You get to keep doing your thing while our asset management team does ours - making your asset generate funds to cover costs and bring you real financial returns.


Drawing on 18 years of experience in Niseko, we provide a transparent, flexible, personalised service for luxury homes and boutique accommodation. Whether it's your private hideaway home or holiday rental investment, we put you and your asset first.

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"The HT management team have done a great job of preparing our house for the rental market and ensuring everything is taken care of for our guests as well as us. It's a pleasure to arrive in Niseko and find the house in good condition, to have our requests taken care of in a timely manner, and to receive personal attention every time we visit. Thank you very much."

Justin and Sarah - Gustav's Hideaway