We are offering this expertise as a single point of contact to help you find exactly what you want in the property market.

Traditional real estate agencies tend to offer only the properties they have for sale in their portfolios, HTRP gives you access to all properties, and more importantly the greatest ones, sometimes not even officially on the market.

Our thorough research will help lead real buyers to a short list of suitable properties that we submit for review and property viewing.

Securing the investment

As part of the service, HTRP will carry out the following actions on behalf of the purchaser.

  • Physical check of the property and assessment of the properties real value
  • Negotiate the purchase price and contract terms
  • Manage the local legal and administration requirements
  • Provide renovation management if required
  • Arrange for suitable property management services


Our fees are based on success and will cost the client no more than if they were working directly with a traditional real estate agent.

Under Japanese real-estate law there is both a buyers commission and vendors commission, HTRP’s fees come from the buyers commission.


Having your purchase managed by HTRP will save time, money and we will actually make it happen – there has never been a better time to buy a property in Niseko.