Koa Phase 1 & 2

Koa Niseko is an exclusive collection of twenty beautifully crafted homes: ten freestanding Koa Villas, and ten semidetached Koa Townhouses.

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Set amidst large, beautifully landscaped freehold lots, the Koa Villa is a 194 square-metre (2,088 ft²), two-storey,threebedroomhome including a balcony and a covered front porch, offering ample privacy and, during the warmer seasons, an abundance of private green space to unwind. Stepping through the doorway, elements of Japanese and Scandinavian contemporary design intertwine in equal measure to create a warm, tangible sense of place.


One single simple silhouette, all the possibilities. The Koa Townhouse is a 135 square-metre (1,443 ft²),twostorey, two-bedroom semi-detached home including a generous covered front porch. The living area features wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling windows, illuminating the interior space with warm, natural light, and framing the tranquil surroundings like abreathtakingwork of art. Each Koa Townhouse is a study in Japanese and Scandinavian contemporary design – a thoughtful balance of exciting details and familiar touches, resulting in a home that family and friends will love to return to, year after year.

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